Accelerating Today’s Biotech

Accelerating Today’s Biotech

EurekaBio focuses on a range of core technologies and processes that integrate the life sciences with multiple disciplines, such as IT and engineering. This enables us to provide automated, precise, stable solutions for personalized cancer immunotherapy which can be effectively applied to many types of cancer.


The professional staff at EurekaBio hold PhDs and Masters degrees ranging from the life sciences to information technology and robotics. To meet the diverse technical challenges of personalized cancer immunotherapy, we work closely with many famous universities and institutes, both inside and outside of China.


EurekaBio is committed to integrating computer science, electronic engineering, robotics, material science and chemical engineering with the life sciences. We strongly foster innovation, including evolutional methods, to advance life science research.

Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy is an evolutional technology in human cancer treatment, which kills cancer cells by activating the patient’s own immune system. Compared with traditional methods, immunotherapy can be a safer, more efficient, and better performing therapy in treating cancers and preventing their reoccurrence.

Compared with the latest generation of targeted drugs, immunotherapy has the potential to fight many kinds of cancer. However, although currently available immunotherapy methods, such as CAR-T and TCT-T, have proven very successful in treating leukemia, they have so far proven less effective in treating other cancers, such as mutant solid tumors.

We are currently recruiting researchers specializing in tumor biology, immunology, molecular biology and related fields. Based on our recombinant protein drug technology, we aim to develop a new generation cell immunotherapy platform that can target multiple cancers, especially solid tumors and other types of critical disease.

Automated Cell Therapy Solution

Cell Isolation & Selection

Customized Modification

Cell Expansion

In recent years, cell therapy has shown tremendous potential in fields such as stem cell research and immunotherapy. However, the processes involved in these cell therapies, including cell collection, isolation, DNA transfection, cell proliferation, selection and reinfusion, involve intensive manual operations. Therefore, the standardization of the processes for creating cell products for these therapies is a big challenge that can meet an emerging global demand.

EurekaBio creatively combines automation technology with life science technology. Our goal is to provide highly automated prescience for stable, effective and personalized cell therapy solutions.

Research & Production Platform of Recombinant Protein

EurekaBio has developed one of the global industry’s leading mammalian recombinant protein expression systems, together with state-of-the-art technologies for designing vectors, establishing cell lines, large scale fermentation and protein purification.

Gene Editing

Stable Cell Lines

Recombinant Proteins

Using mammalian cell lines as the expression system, the recombinant protein has optimum folding and post transcriptional modification, with higher biological activity, which offers significant benefits for life science research and drug development purposes.

We have developed multiple mammalian cell lines that have a high expression of recombinant proteins. These proteins cover most of the cytokines and chemokines in stem cell therapy and cancer immunotherapy. Besides research grade recombinant proteins, we also have recombinant protein drug projects, including rhNGF, rhFSH and rhBMP2. Our other services include recombinant protein drugs, cell line constructions, and lentivirus vector systems design.


Join us, be part of our interesting and diverse team. You can make an impact here and we can change the world together.

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